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With so much to see and do, every child needs to see clearly without struggling. Let us make sure that your children are enjoying the clearest and most comfortable vision possible by bringing them in for regular eye exams.

Under 19s can have an eye test and choose new specs from a great range of frames all for FREE on the NHS.

Childrens' Eye Care

We recommend that children get their eyes tested, and ideally have their first eye test before they start school. If there is any history of problems with the eyes in the family, then we can check a child's eyes from birth.


We have a lovely team of optometrists (several who are mums themselves) who make eye tests fun and engaging.  Please don’t worry if your child doesn’t know their letters – our testing chart has pictures, numbers, and cartoons.  If your child isn’t talking yet, we have a special test chart which allows us to check the vision of babies/toddlers too.


If your child needs spectacles, the NHS offers a voucher scheme towards the cost of the frame and lenses, and we have a wide range of spectacles for our younger patients.  Spectacles are fitted by our qualified dispensing team – who, again, make choosing, measurements, and any aftercare required, an enjoyable experience for all.


By the end of your first visit, we are usually all on first-name terms and the next visit is like meeting up with friends!


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