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Have You Tried Contact Lenses?

Just like spectacle lenses, contact lenses are always being updated with more options such as varifocals.  Lens comfort is getting better and better with patients able to wear their lenses comfortably all day long.


There is such a variety in lenses which again suits all needs – from the occasional wearer for sports to full time daily wear – tell us what you need and we can recommend solutions.


We use a variety of contact lens suppliers from larger companies to smaller independents so we can offer a wide range of lenses.


We also offer a Direct Debit payment scheme for our contact lens wearers which includes all professional fees, lenses, any solutions, and discount off spectacles.

Have You Thought About Contacts... AND Glasses?

Your eyes do a lot, you lead a busy lifestyle, and just contacts or glasses alone may not be a perfect solution for you. Many of our patients enjoy a 'best of both' approach, where they have contact lenses for when they feel like wearing contacts (for when they're playing sport, want to wear non-prescription sunglasses, or want a frame-free look), and have a pair of glasses - or sometimes a few pairs - for when they feel like wearing glasses (if a long-day in the office would dry contact lenses out, if they're out and about in prescription sunglasses, or have a particular look that only glasses can help them achieve).

At the end of the day, you shouldn't feel confined to one-or-the-other. Our team just want to help you find the best solution for your eyes and your lifestyle.


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