Frames To Feel Fantastic In

We know that frames are more than just something to hold your lenses - they're an accessory, they're stylish, they're a way for you to express yourself!

Most of all, you should have frames that make you feel phenomenal, that are comfortable to wear, and bring delight to your day.


Now who's to say you can do all that with just one pair? One pair of glasses, might be a good all-rounder, but from time to time you might want to vary your look - you could have a pair of glasses for work, and another pair for a fun night out. A pair for the weekend, a pair for special occasion - the list goes on!


Pop in and take a look at our extensive frame collection today. You're bound to find something in there to fall in love with, and our talented team will be on hand to give you second-opinions on what looks good, and to help you find the pair(s) made for you!

How Comfortable Can Glasses Be?

The Art Of Dispensing

There really is a skill in getting glasses to fit well, and our talented team of Dispensing Opticians are highly trained to do just that.


Glasses should be the right size, have the right length of supporting arms, sit comfortably and in the right place on your nose, and rest gently on your ears. Dispensed properly, and with a light-enough frame, you should barely notice they're there. 


(and just between you and me, if you've bought your glasses somewhere else, and you're not 100% satisfied with the fit, bring them in to us! We'll have them fitting better for you in no time, for free).

Lenses Make The Hidden Difference

There's a lot more to lenses than meets the eye -

and we're well-equipped to find the perfect lenses for you


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